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An antioxidant skin booster
based on non-animal monophasic
stabilized hyaluronic acid
Anatural treatment of the skin’s
imperfections: enlarged pores,
fine lines, loss of elasticity, tone,
glow or radiance, etc.

A program for the restoration
of the hydrobalance and density
of the skin.

A complementary treatment to
Pluryal® and Pluryal® Volume
dermal fillers.
An enhancer of other anti-ageing
therapies: chemical peelings,
superficial mesotherapy, radio-
frequency, laser treatments, etc.

Hyaluronic Acid
+ Glycerol

Benefits of Stabilized
Hyaluronic Acid 18mg/ml
Benefits of
Glycerol 20mg/ml
Regeneration of the dermis:
Replenishes the loss of natural
dermal hyaluronic acid that may
occur due to ageing.

Strong hydration :
High concentration of HA restores
the moisture, tone and elasticity
of the skin.

Superficial filling :
Stabilized hyaluronic acid corrects
the small lines such as crow’s feet
or smoker’s lines surrounding
the upper lip.

Slower degradation :
Guaranteed by the optimal molecular
weight and concentration of HA
used as well as the high viscosity
and cohesion of Pluryal® Booster.
Glycerol stabilizes the hyaluronic
acid, reinforcing the product’s
viscosity and cohesion, by increasing
the intermolecular interactions
between the hyaluronic acid chains.
The stabilization ensures lasting
and efficient results.

Antioxidant action:
Glycerol fights free radicals preventing
premature ageing and protects the
injected hyaluronic acid from fast
degradation by hydroxyl radicals.

Double hydration:
Glycerol is known for its moisturizing
properties and increases the
hydrating action of the hyaluronic

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